Unexpected Experiences #1

Updated: May 14, 2021

I think no matter how much wildlife you see or experience you have, you can't help but be amazed by something you don't expect to see. This last year especially I think a lot of people have realised how much incredible wildlife there is just on the doorstep and around the corner from home. In April 2020, I was out with my camera taking photos of the moon whilst we were walking the dog when all of a sudden *CAWW CAWW* this crow came swooping down from a tree and flew low across the cemetery in front of me. Unbelievably to me it was chasing a fox through the cemetery...the first time I'd seen a fox in the wild if not ever with my own eyes and what surprised me even more was the fact it was in a place I've walked through hundreds of times. A few weeks later I saw it again running through the cemetery this time in the morning at about 10am when it was quite busy, which I thought was odd. In the middle of May, I looked out of my bedroom window this one time and saw something moving trough the cemetery at around 9pm I ran out in my socks to the gate and took some quick shots before of all things my cat scared it away! Unfortunately this fox looked very skinny I was unsure as to why and still am now so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

One night I decided that it was a good opportunity to finally take a photo, I climbed the fence (sorry) and took some snaps of the fox who was looking straight at me before darting away. For a first time snapping this type of subject and only briefly getting a good chance for photos (maybe 5 seconds most) the shot came out well after a fair bit of editing.

I slowly crept through to the back of the cemetery, trying to see I I could spot this beautiful red creature again and BOOM two Muntjac just there walking around...WHAT! I hid behind a tree and just found myself watching them whilst saying "What the ****" and "Oh my god" over and over before finally attempting to move slowly and get a photo which I did although it had got quite dark by this point.

So this was my first time photographing fox and any type of deer both on the doorstep of my house in the space of about 10 minutes, if that. Since these times autumn came and nights got darker, I hadn't seen either muntjac or fox in a couple of months but in December I did see what I thought looked like a muntjac on a dog walk (my mum was convinced it was a dog off the lead) and after getting a trail camera for Christmas I set it up and there were not only the two muntjac but also a pair of healthy looking foxes. I have also seen the muntjac since on the odd couple of walks very briefly so its good to see why they're still around and doing well. Hopefully this summer brings more sightings of these brilliant animals!

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